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What is Albaloo ?

If you are looking to sell and buy products, then Albaloo is the most credible multivendor marketplace for you. It is Malaysia’s first online auction and bidding platform for a wide variety of products although there are fixed-price products also available.

It offers seamless and honest transactions. It also takes care of shipments through its logistic partner, Ninja Van.

We at Albaloo believe in giving you all a user-friendly experience.

How is it helpful to shoppers?

Every shopper has the right to get the best price for the best quality. Therefore, to shoppers, Albaloo offers multiple options to make their purchases. They can either buy a fixed-price product or buy an auction product by placing a bid on it.

The platform provides a user-friendly interface thus making the purchasing journey of a shopper easier. Albaloo offers a trustworthy and guaranteed shopping experience for you.

How is it helpful for sellers?

For sellers, Albaloo offers a platform where sellers can sell their products against 8 distinct categories which include fashion, home & living, antiques, electronics, groceries, pet supplies, home appliances, and health & beauty.

Using Albaloo as a marketplace sellers can increase sales and grow their businesses. The auction process will also help them choose the right bidders for their products.

When can Albaloo step in?

In case there are some issues then a seller can reach out to Albaloo for any sort of assistance or help.

You can drop Albaloo an e-mail and we should reach out to you within the next 48 working hours (about 2 days) with an amicable solution.

And if you are still not happy with the solution provided to you, we will investigate it again.

You can reach out to us at support@albaloo.com for any kind of assistance or support.