Shipping and delivery

We at Albaloo aim at providing you with seamless shipping experience with the help of our logistics partner which is Ninja Van Fulfillment Services.

Having a logistics partner helps keep track of the orders and their shipping status.

Start of the shipping process
  • As soon as the seller prepares the item and requests for shipping to Ninja Van, the shipping starts.
  • Ninja Van creates a tracking ID and AWB (Air Waybill).
Role of the seller
  • For the shipping process to start, the seller must look after the drop-off services of the item to the shipping partner.
  • The seller must make sure that the item is packed properly, and the fragile items are packed even more properly and labelled as ‘Fragile.’
  • The seller has two days' time to proceed to ship and then furthermore two days' time to drop off the order at Ninja Van pick up point.
Packaging terms and conditions set aside by Ninja Van
  1. Parcel dimensions/size: Maximum 200 cm in combined dimensions (L+W+H), not exceeding 100cm per side and up to 30 kg in weight.
  2. Parcel weight: billable weight is calculated as the higher of actual weight or volumetric weight (LxWxH/5000).
  3. Relabeling Fees: RM0.50 per label.
  4. Repacking Fees: RM1.00 per AWB for S size parcel, RM2.00 per AWB for M size parcel, RM5.00 per AWB for L size parcel, and RM10.00 per AWB for XL size parcel.
  5. All parcels are outbound from Peninsular Malaysia.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of packaging guidelines and prohibited items prepared by Ninja, which the Sender shall comply with:

  • External Packaging: All parcels must have external packaging that covers 100% of the exposed area (e.g., carton boxer polymailer), otherwise please shrink or bubble wrap the entire package.
  • Internal Packaging: Package should be packed tightly and snugly, if not please fill up the empty spaces in-between with e.g., paper, packing foam, etc.
  • Wrapping: Wrap ceramics, glass, and other fragile items in protective material such as bubble wrap before placing such items in an outer box.
  • Irregular Package: Place irregular sized items in a large box. Package should be packed tightly and snugly. If not, please fill up the empty spaces in-between with e.g., paper, packing foam, etc.
  • Ceramics: Wrap ceramics, glass, and other fragile items in protective materials (e.g., bubble wraps).
  • Impact of Transport Handling: Parcels should be able to withstand the normal impact of transport handling. For parcels with sensitive exteriors such as gift boxes, please ensure they are shrink or bubble-wrapped and packed in a cardboard box.
  • Fragile Items: All fragile items must be labelled with a fragile sticker.
  • Exterior or packaging: Ensure that the exterior or packaging does not have any old addresses or tracking labels. If using a pocket pouch, please ensure the pouch is firmly pasted and the pouch opening must be sealed properly.
  • Tracking Label: Each parcel must have a unique tracking label.
  • Electronic devices: Ensure that all electronic devices are powered off, and batteries should be removed from devices if possible.
  • Bottled or Liquid Items: When sending bottled/liquid items (alcohol prohibited), please bubble wrap the item, put them in an upright position and label the parcel with a “fragile” sticker. Claims made for items without bubble wrap and fragile stickers would be rejected.

A Parcel is unacceptable if.

  • It is hazardous, illegal, dangerous, harmful, prohibited or restricted under any applicable laws.
  • It is not labelled properly or does not adhere to packaging guidelines set out above.
  • It contains alcohol, credit/debit/ATM cards, decaying items, human or animal remains, religious artefacts, narcotics, firearms/swords or weapons, living things or plants, perishables (e.g. vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.), requires cold chain or temperature controlled handling, poisonous or toxic substances, examination certificates, passports and insurance documents which cannot be reproduced, cash, cheques, bills, stock and other marketable securities, written drafts, original films, tapes and film material which cannot be reproduced, flammable, ignitable, or volatile items (e.g. fireworks, kerosene, gas canisters, paint thinner, etc.);
  • The sum of its dimensions (length + width + height) exceeds maximum 200 cm in combined dimensions (L+W+H) and exceeding 100 cm per side; or
  • It is heavier than 30kg.
Deciding the shipping charges
  • Charges are by parcel basis, according to actual weight or volumetric weight (whichever is higher).
  • Orders must be properly uploaded into Ninja Van systems.
  • Any other charges or fee to added here later. The seller should announce the weight of parcel correctly otherwise they have to bear the extra shipping fee.
Importance of a tracking Identification number
  • Tracking ID helps the buyer/shopper know where their product is by keeping track of the shipment trail.
  • Tracking ID also helps in providing a delivery status by giving the proof of delivery, estimated delivery date or by mentioning how, when and to whom the delivery attempts were made. This status can be searched at Ninja Vans website.
  • Same details are available at Albaloo platform as well.

Finding the tracking id for the purchase

Reach to the customer care team at

Tracking ID not working and what to do in such a case?

Reach to the customer care team at

What to do if an order is not received on the estimated delivery date?

Reach to the customer care team at


The seller, with the help of the shipping partner Ninja Van will try to deliver your order as soon as possible with utmost safety at your doorstep.

Delivery attempts that will be made

  • The delivery agent will make three attempts to help your order reach you.
  • But after three failed attempts the delivery agent will send back the order to the seller.
  • In case the address provided by the shopper is incorrect and delivery agent fails to deliver the order then the shipping fee for returning the product to the seller will be deducted from the shopper’s shipping amount.

Steps upon receiving the order.

  • Once the shopper receives the order, he/she should click on ‘Order Received’ or ‘Return/Refund’ button.
  • A shopper has 5 days to click on ‘Return/Refund’ button, if not then the status of the order shall automatically change to ‘Order Received’.