Feedback of the process is nonetheless as important as the process itself. Shopper/Buyers feedback to the Seller/Vendor is a game changer when it comes to positive customer service experience. It is a key driver of performance. Just like two sides of a coin; feedback can be positive as well as negative.

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Importance of a positive feedback

Positive feedback is the one which highlights the strengths and achievements. It helps in the following ways:

  1. Enhancing motivation to maintain the standards.
  2. Trust building
  3. Strengthens organizations.
  4. Improves engagement.
Importance of a negative feedback

Negative feedback is the one which highlights the shortcomings and weakness. It helps in the following ways:

  1. It acts as a tool of constructive criticism.
  2. It provides a scope for improvement.
  3. It helps draw a positive relationship between various components of a system.
  4. It raises a sight for innovation.
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If any user be it a seller or shopper, has doubt or query from the platform, he/she can ask a further question in this regard.

Here is how you can ask your doubts and queries.

  1. From the homepage user should go to the platform's customer service.
  2. Choose the topic of concern and you shall be redirected to all the information regarding that article.
  3. Read that article carefully and see if it clears up your doubts and queries.
  4. At the bottom of the article, you shall find thumbs up and thumbs down
  5. If the article satisfies your doubt or query, then click on thumbs up.
  6. If you have query beyond the article, then click on thumbs down.
  7. Once you click on thumbs down, then a form will appear.
  8. Fill in the form with requisite details like name, e mail, question/query.
  9. Click on the submit option.

Once you click on the submit button then wait for 48 working hours for our customer care team to handle your query and reach back to you.