Sl.No Category Discretion
1 Unauthorised telecommunication equipmnet
  1. Telecommunication equipment that has not been certified by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Communications (MCMC). Electronic survellience equipment and other similar devices, i.e. cable TV descramblers, radar scanners, traffic signal control devices, wiretapping devices and phone tapping devices.
  2. Circumvention Devices and Other Equipment used for Illicit Purposes
2 Unauthorised publications Publications, books, films, videos or video games that do not comply with the laws in the country of sale/delivery.
3 Tobacco and tobacco related products
  1. Tobacco
  2. Cigarettes including electronic cigarettes
  3. E-liquids for vapour that contains nicotine.
4 Alcohol
  1. Beer/Cider < 5%
  2. Other alcohol
5 Services
  1. Sexual services
  2. Services that are illegal in nature
  3. Ritual services that are related to any religion
  4. Services that involve paranormal phenomenon, black magic or elements of similar nature
  5. Unregistered/unlicenced psychological services (eg tarot reading, fortune telling, stress-listening session, etc.)
  6. Illicit document
6 Potentially Infringing Items Items included but not limited to
  1. Replicas
  2. Counterfiet items
  3. Counterfiet stamps
  4. Unauthorised copies of an item which maybe in violation of copywrites, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of third parties
7 Obscene or Adult materials (Applicable to all human and non-human (e.g. books, cushions and other paraphernalia) except for non-realistic mannequins)
  1. Images displaying explicit depictions of private body parts or pubic hair either directly or through translucent material.
  2. Products exhibiting the contour of genitals through clothing, with the exception of mens underwear
  3. Product images portraying physical contact with private body parts, including instances where hands are depicted within the underwear. However, images related to breastfeeding and breastfeeding tools are permissible.
  4. Models, figurines, animals, cartoon characters, etc. depicted in sexual positions or engaging in sexual acts
  5. Sex toys,Vibrators,Dildo, Penis Ring, objects or devices, regardless of whether displaying realistic private parts or human likenesses, used for or to facilitate sexual acts or pleasure but excluding contraceptive devices.
  6. Sex dolls, love dolls, blow-up dolls. the use of child like sex dolls is strictly prohobited. This prohibition extends to products that suggest the doll represents a juvenile, such as ''child sex doll'', ''14 year old doll'' and items like childrens clothes, shoes, school bagpacks, school uniforms etc.
  7. Sadism & Masochism (S&M) devices , objects, products and any related material.
  8. Pornographic content
  9. Child pornography
  10. Adult video games
  11. Adult services of a sexual/ inappropriate nature (eg escort sevices, webcam services etc)
  12. Any other offensive, graphic, inappropriate or distasteful items not specifically mentioned above.
  13. Visibility of the butt crack of the human model
  14. Used underwear, When underwear is described as“used”, “secondhand”, or depicts the same meaning as such, it is not allowed.
  15. Information containing profane or vulgar language, Using vulgarity or profanity not limited to the following: bastard,bitch, cunt, fag, faggot, fuck, slut,whore, nigger, and any variation of vulgar wordings (ie. F*ck, wh0re).
8 Currency/credits
  1. Physical curreny or credits
  2. Digital currency of credits
  3. Credit and debit cards
  4. Stored value cards
  5. Virtual Currencies
  6. Currency –in circulation
  7. Counterfeit currency and Counterfeit currency machine
9 Drugs
  1. Prescribed or non-prescribed drugs
  2. Drug-like substances and associated paraphernalia
  3. Natural drugs sunch as Marijuana, Opium, Poppy seed, Other illicit drugs
  4. Other illicit drugs
  5. Drugs Precursors
  6. Synthetic drugs
  7. Sexual enhancement consumables
  8. Regulated poisonous herbal medicines such as ‘White arsenic’ and ‘Mercury’
  9. Illegal health products
10 Dangerous Goods Any prohibited items that are prohibited by any other local or foreign laws, regulations, and/ or authority such as; Flammable and explosive products Toxic and/or hazardous waste Radioactive Materials
11 Firearms and Weapons
  1. Weapons such as pepper sprays, Tear gas spray , CS Spray, replicas , stun guns, Tasers, Spear and spear head, Nanchaku,Flares weapon, Chain Whip, Batons,TBatons,Nightsticks,Truncheons, Knuckledust'er weapon, Catapult/Slingshot, Crossbows
  2. Weapons parts and accessories
  3. Imitation weapons (anything which has the appearance, or is intended to give the impression of being an arm, whether it is capable of discharging any shot, bullet, missile, noxious liquid, gas or other thing, or not)
  4. Knives like: dagger, swaord, Automatic Knife, Lock Knife, Wasp knife,Throwing knife,Bayonet,
  5. Concealed knives and weapons : A weapon disguised as a common object such as pens, lipsticks, belts, umbrellas, credit card
  6. Other prohibited knives: Butterfly knife, bayonet, claw knife, turtle knife, paratrooper knife, boot knife, blood groove knife, karambit, trench knife, flick knife, gravity knife
  7. Toy or Cosplay knives: Imitate real knives, but are designed for play or props (Must not be metal or wood material)
  8. Bow and Arrows (Exception: Bow and Arrow for sport and toys are allowed to sell as long it will not cause hurt and to be deemed as an offensive weapon.)
  9. Other weapons: Mace, spray defense, ninja stars (shuriken), playing card darts, sword darts, throwing needle, polygonal darts,throwing axe, thumb screw,finger cuff, gallows, guillotines,electric chairs, gas chamber,restraint chairs, etc.
  10. Firearms, munitions, military ordnance and heavy weapons such as : (Metal bullet, Bomb, Blank cartridges and Dummy cartridges)
  11. Other lethal guns: Submachine, Muzzle-loader, Carbine, Derringer, Pistol,Shotgun, Machine gun, Assault weapon, Grenade launcher and related
  12. Antique Firearms
12 Food Items
  1. Expired food items
  2. Noxious food items such as:
    • Food which contains any prohibited substances or substances in excess of permitted proportions
    • Adulterated food without fully informing the buyer at t he time of sales of the nature of the transaction.
  3. Food items containing medicinal claims i.e. a claim that the item is intended for use in: Diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in human or animals Contraception
    Inducing anaesthesia
    Preventing or interfering with the normal operation of a physiological function, whether permanently or temporarily and whether by terminating, reducing, postponing, increasing or accelerating the operation of that function or in any other way, i.e. pharmaceutical drugs, contact lenses, misbranded dietary supplements.
  4. Other food items such as:
    • Stage 1 infant milk powder
    • Unpasteurised dairy products
    • Wild mushrooms
  5. Any food items hazardous to human health
13 Royalty or Government Related Items
  1. Royalty (includes the Yang Di-pertuan Agong or a State ruler), government or enforcement authority related titles, emblems, awards, stickers, badges, official seals, standards, coat-of-arms, or Darjah-darjah Kebesaran, Bintang-bintang & Pingat-pingat Persekutuan such as Dato/ Datin, Tan Sri/Pn Sri, etc.
  2. Any official government uniform I government occasion related attire, which include attire with government logos, badges, insignia or accessories, e.g. Pakaian Rasmi lstiadat bagi Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik I PDRM I RELA I Bomba I Malaysian Armed Forces I JPAM I APM, or any attire related to enforcement authorities
  3. Equipment used for the creation and/ or alteration of identification or official documents, or services offering to create and/ or alter identificat ion or official documents, or listing identification or official documents for sale including but not limited to visa, passport, national ID card, driving licence, residence permit, work permit, halal related certifications or any government I official certification or document not mentioned above
  4. Any other item that contains logos, badges, emblems, insignia or accessories related to Royalty, government or enforcement authorities not specifically mentioned above
14 Mislabelled Goods Any listings that clearly indicate the removal of barcode I QR code (in Product Name, Images or Product Descriptions)
15 Miscellaneous
  1. Embargoed goods
  2. Recalled items
  3. Stolen goods
  4. Animals and wildlife products
  5. Magnetic putty
  6. Lottery tickets
  7. Offensive, controversial, seditious or treasonous materials. Listing marketed with provocative or sensitive terms (such as terms that can be associated with sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or more. The follow ing is a non-exhaustive example: LGBTQIA+, gay, lesbian, and homosexual, among others. Albaloo reserves the right to determine any keywords that may be perceived as inappropriate or offensive.
  8. Shares, stocks, other securities
  9. Slot machines
  10. Items bearing the imprint of the name of Allah· or any verses of the Quran
  11. Helmets uncertified under the Trade Description Act 2011
  12. Items that encourage illegal or restricted activities
  13. Other items illegalor restricted in the country of the buyer or seller
  14. Materials and equipment used for the manufacture of the financial products
  15. Nationally protected artifacts
16 " Human Parts, Human Remains And Protected Flora And Fauna"
  1. Human bodies, body parts and remains
  2. Products made by Protected fauna and parts
  3. All types of ivory
  4. Rhino horn and byproducts
  5. Pangolin and scales
  6. Wild alligator hide
  7. Products made from cats or dogs
  8. Bear biles
  9. Seahorses
  10. Live Animal (This includes pets, livestock, or marine mammals. Exception: Small fishes - e.g. guppy, aqua shrimp or snails (except for endangered species provided under the law) are allowed using seller own fleet)
  11. Protected flora
  12. Hunting and processing machine
17 Gambling
  1. Gambling and gaming equipment including : Slot machine, Scratch cards and lottery
  2. Online gambling
18 Medical Devices
  1. Beauty related including (Cosmetic needles, Beauty medical devices, Contact lens)
  2. Medical related including (Dental medical devices, Infusion and instruments, Medical imaging equipment, Patient caring equipment, Surgical equipment, Surgical Masks,Thermometers, Personal Protective Equipment (surgical)
19 Offensive Material and Information detrimental to National Security
  1. National security or public order related
  2. Political Related
  3. Racism
  4. Religious/Culture Related
20 Sanctions
  1. Iran petroleum and petrochemical products
  2. Crude oil from Iran and China
  3. North Korea seafood and minerals
21 Government, Law Enforcement and Military Issued Items
  1. Police attire and Equipment
  2. Armed Forces items (Including regular forces and voluntary forces)